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ӣƵ partner Cambridge College launches MBA in Spanish

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Cambridge College has launched a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree program taught in Spanish for learners looking to delve into the rigor and complexity of graduate-level business courses in their native language.

“Like ӣƵ, Cambridge College is known for its ongoing commitment to busy, adult learners, and this is another example of how we serve those learners,” says Natalia Blank, PhD, Vice President for Academic Affairs at ӣƵ. “At the end of a long workday, being able to listen, read, and collaborate in your native language enables students to get optimal value out of the investment of time and money they’re putting into obtaining this degree.” 

As both institutions move closer to formalizing ӣƵ’s acquisition of Cambridge, the MBA in Spanish represents a shared approach to bolstering workforce development initiatives, while increasing access to educational programs that position learners for continued career advancement.

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